Welcome to Union Springs, Al

Community Information  WALKABLE & QUAINT


Union Springs is more vibrant than ever!  There is always something exciting to do or see in the region. 

Whether it is taking in a show, enjoying an outdoor festival, attending a community class, or simply  hanging out and

enjoying Union Springs’s unique culture. Union Springs itself is a quaint - quiet town where you can enjoy your

neighbors and a quiet evening rocking on the front porch --

if you wish. It is the people that make Union Springs special.                     This is a place to work, live and call home. 


"Preserving the Past while Embracing our Future" is one of our favorite motos !   

Understanding local conditions in Union Springs is important when it comes to buying and selling real estate,our small community

is full of history and pride. We know its takes"special" people to live in small communities -and -- we invite you to check us out!  

We have two wonderful websites that will tease you with our small town assets. UNIONSPRINGS.NET or daytripalabama.com

When it’s time to consider us , call me  (334 703 0098) to get a representative who not only loves this community but lives here! 

Let me show our small town.  Experience will be on your side with me.  I have market knowledge, and confidence

in the Union Springs market which can help you make the best choice in this area.   


email us at:  promiseland@ustconline.net



Josephine Arts Center (Ice Cream Shoppe/LOCAL Art Gallery & Museum )   334-703-0098   appointment only

82 West  BBQ/Seafood 738- 8182 

Churches Chicken 738-3494

Subway - 738-3563

McDonalds - 738-5811

Hilltop Grill  738-3000

LosPortales - 738-8892

China Lin 738-2819

Dream Field Farms 334 534


JOSEPHINE ARTS CENTER & MUSEUM (9/2009 initial start)

Art , Photography, Gifts, OLD FASHION ICE CREAM PARLOR, Local Interest       703-0098

MAINS DRUG STORE -- Gifts 738-2020


JUNES HIS & HERS   -- Gifts 738-2440

YMCA  738-8520

MADE IN BULLOCK COUNTY                  (call for Tour information the 3 below)

To Your Health Sprounted Flour  334 584 7875 or 877 401 6837

Designs by Leigh (mixed media Art; pottery, gourds, woodworking)  &  Architectural Tours or Ghost Tours      334 703 0098

Bonnie Plant Farm 203-292-8820 or 203 610 2069

Helpful Resources

Union Springs Chamber of Commerce


Tourism Council  738-8687  UNIONSPRINGSALABAMA.COM

Union Springs Library -- 738-2760

Union Springs City Hall - 738-2720

Utilities Board (Gas, Water, Gabage)  738-3115

Alabama Power (in town) 800-245-2244

Dixie Electric (outside City limits)  738-2500

Union Springs Telephone Company (phone, cable, internet)  738-4400

Union Springs Police Department - 738-3131

Bullock County Sheriffs Department - 738-2670

Fire Department  738-2121

Bullock County Hospital 738-2140

RCS Ambulance 738-4980



School Information

Bullock County Board of Education  -

Superintendent   738-2860

Bullock County High School - 738-2198

South Highlands (Middle School) 738-2896

Union Springs Elementary School 738-738-2990

Conecuh Springs Christain School 738-4800

Bullock County Schools website: http://bullockcounty.schoolinsites.com

We Sell Bullock County to the World!

Victorian homes, Quaint Southern Town Alabama, Walkable, Historic, Central to Montgomery, Eufaula, Troy, Auburn, Opelika, Maxwell AFB, Ft Benning GA; Ghost: Hunting, Art. Tours